SunTek film products

Symphony DS:

This extremely popular dual-reflective film is an excellent choice for both residential and commercial applications. Offering the best solar protection in its class, it has low interior reflectivity and a semi-reflective to reflective exterior appearance for exceptional heat rejection and privacy.

Infinity DS:

This fully sputtered film is neutral in color, offering a natural, elegant appearance while maintaining low-interior and exterior reflectivity. Used widely in residential applications, homeowners enjoy the benefits of heat and glare reduction while providing a minimal change in visibility.

Silver DS:

With an exclusive vaper-coated aluminum construction, the Silver DS series is a highly reflective film that provides both quality and value. The mirrored appearance offers maximum heat rejection as well as privacy characteristics without sacrificing much of the natural visible light.

Ultravision DS:

A high-end, spectrally selective window film, Ultravision is the premier product in SunTek's Architectural line. This non-corrosive premium product offers extremely low interior and exterior reflectivity, unsurpassed clarity, and visibility with an unaltered view of the outside while eliminating the need for additional edge sealing as with other similar products.

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Solar Gard film products

Stainless Steel:

100% stainless steel sputter coated construction makes this film the staple in Solar Gard's line of products. They have an attractive neutral grey tone with visible light transmissions ranging from a highly reflective 10% to a barely visible, nearly non-reflective 50% that make them a natural compliment to most interior and exterior color schemes.


Quantum films offer relatively low reflectivity with a fully metalized composition for outstanding heat control and color stability. Unlike conventional films, which are comprised of dyed layers, the appearance of Quantum films will not change, even after several years of exposure to the sun.


Solar Gards Safety and Security films are manufactured from DuPont Mylar Type D polyester for superior protection, strength, and durability. Armorcoat films have been tested and proven by independent researchers and consumer safety groups worldwide, passing some of the most stringent impact, storm simulation, theft & intrusion, and bomb blast standards.


This premium dual-reflective film is designed with minimal interior reflectivity for enhanced visibility day or night. Available in four shades, 5, 15, 30, and 40% visible light transmission, TrueVue provides a choice of visual appearance and solar performance rejecting up to 82% solar heat, 94% glare, and 99% ultra-violet light.

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